Al ymamah Information and Communication Technology Forum (YUICT),

4-5 March, 2018

Scientific Track


Scientific Track – Session1 (11:40AM – 01:30PM)
Location: B001
Session Chair: Dr. Abid Minhas

Paper Title


Using Blockchain Technology to Validate the Integrity and Confidentiality of Backup Versions on the Cloud

Badr Aleidi, Abdulaziz Albesher, and Mousa Al-Akhras (Saudi Electronic University)

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IPv6 for IoT Networks

Adeel Baig (Al Yamamah University)

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Smart Resource Allocation and Information System for Victims of Catastrophic Disasters

Farhan Ahmad, Abid Ali Minhas, and Sohail Jabbar (COMSATS Institute Information and Technology)

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Development of a Mobile Electronic Warfare System

Abdullah Alshammary (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST))

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 An Improved Chain-based Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Samah Alnajdi, Fuad Bajaber (King Abdulaziz University)

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Particle Swarm Optimization based Iris Recognition System

Rabab M. Ramadan (University of Tabuk )

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Sentiment Analysis Model for Arabic Tweets to Detect Users’ Opinions about Government Services in Saudi Arabia

Mashael M. Alsulami and Rashid Mehmood (King Abdulaziz University)

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Scientific Track – Session2 (2:30PM – 04:00PM)
Location: B001
Session Chair: Dr. Mohan Gounder
University Student’s Learning Pattern Analysis and Prediction in LMS Using Data Mining Techniques

Vani Vasudevan, Sultan Almuhanna, Badr Almozini, and Abdulaziz Aljubair (Al Yamamah University

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Toward Digitalization: Accelerating the Adoption of  Smart Cities in The Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Aljlayl and Youssouf Ould-Cheikh-Mouhamedou (King Abdulaziz Complex (STC))

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ICT Adoption Analysis for Innovation in Higher Education Sector

Adeela Bashir, Arshi Naim (King Khalid University)

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Digital Currency Users in Saudi Arabia

Meshal Alhusaynan and Omer Alrwais (King Saud University)

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A Cross Country Analysis of Digital Transformation Initiatives

Sara Alkorbi and Omer Alrwais (King Saud University)

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Big Data Analysis of Heart Disease

Sahar A. Ismail, Alanoud BinMohareb, Dalal Alobaili, Ghada Alarwan, Nora Alabdalwahab, Rawan Albishr, and Walaa Alzahrani (Princess Nora University)

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Scientific Track – Online Session3 (2:30PM – 04:00PM)
Location: C006
Session Chair: Dr. Issam Jabri
Text Analytics on Big Data using Artificial Intelligence

Ain-ul-noor Fatima, Ayesha Muarraf, Rehan Ashraf, and Waqar Ahmad (National Textile University)

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Autonomous Forest Surveillance & Safety System

Krishna Sai Varma U, Mohit P, Jithender Reddy J, Metilda Florence S, and Mohan S. (S.R.M University)

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Automated Book Reader for Blind

Akhil.B, Veneeth Raj, Sushrut Reddy, S.Metilda Florence and Mohan S. (S.R.M University

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MoniDroid: Android Monitoring Mechanism-Without Root

Ghulam Mustafa and Ahsan Idrees (National Textile University)

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Auto-Derivation of Homophones-Ambiguity of Chinese-Language in Hidden Tool-Kit for Automatic-Speech-Recognition (ASR)

Muhammad Habib, Musrrat Parveen, Muhammad Raheel Zafar, and Shahbaz Ahmad (University of Central Punjab)

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Smart Phone Based Indoor Environment Awareness System

Ain-ul-noor Fatima, Umar Farooq, and Muhammad Asif Habib (National Textile University)

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Authors, “ Paper title,” Proceeding of Al Yamamah Information and Communication Technology Forum (YUICT), Riyadh, KSA, 4-5 March, 2018.