Message from the Chair of the Organizing Committee

Al Yamamah Forum on Telecommunications and Information Technology 2018


As part of the sincere national efforts to achieving full renaissance and sustainable development across the Kingdom, Al Yamamah University has taken the initiative to organize Al Yamamah Forum on Telecommunications and Information Technology 2018 on Al Yamamah University campus in Riyadh during the period of March 4th – 5th, 2018. The forum will be under the generous auspices of His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Amer Al Sawaha, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Information technology and telecommunications have always been the main catalyst in increasing productivity and improving the competitive capability in the fields of production and services in several countries. Therefore, this initiative spurs from the university’s belief in the role of academic institutions in achieving positive interaction with private and government sectors to turn academic/scientific achievements in the fields of telecommunication and information technology into practical capabilities that support the economic performance, the development of digital infrastructure and the achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Under the Forum’s theme “Challenges and Opportunities: moving towards achieving Vision 2030”, invitations have been sent to universities, research bodies, concerned government institutions and private sector companies working in this field. This was done for the purpose of achieving the complete triangulation between research bodies, production bodies and consuming bodies in the area of technology. The invitations yielded responses on the three levels of the forum. At the level of scientific research, many researchers submitted academic papers that were reviewed and the best were selected for presentation during the research sessions of the forum. At the level of government participation, several government bodies submitted working papers discussing their practical experience in the field. At the level of companies producing technology, several companies submitted technical proposals for the products and practical solutions for these technologies. All this is in addition to keynote important local and international speakers and a panel discussion.

Finally, the Forum Organizing Committee extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the researchers and participating bodies. We pray to Allah that this forum will be an effective contribution that serves our beloved country and a cornerstone for building a bright future In Shaa Allah.

Professor, Dr. Hussan bin Mohammed Ramadan

Chair of the Organizing Committee

Al Yamamah Forum on Telecommunications and Information Technology 2018

Vice President,

Al Yamamah Unviersity